In Her Suit: Beverly Beal

In Her Suit: Beverly Beal

Beverly Beal is both a lawyer and fashion blogger. She created Life in Beverly Heels in 2014 and cites this and acing the BAR exam as pivotal moments in her career.

On her career path

I knew since I was in high school that I wanted to be a lawyer. I was just born with the love of fashion. It started at the beginning. Moving to New York was the pivotal moment where I could mix fashion and legal. I’ve worked in fashion, retail and had my own consignment store. I then started my blog in 2014 which was another pivotal moment in my career.   

Taking the BAR exam was the single most important career moment for me. When I graduated from law school, I got really sick and was diagnosed with crohn's disease. Every time I studied for it, I would get sick. Overcoming health issues and acing the BAR exam are two of the most important and inspiring career moments for myself.


On her 9 to 5 style

I feel like every day I am wearing a button-up shirt. When I come to work, I wear the most comfortable outfit. Pant suits are also something that I wear to work. I am a girly girl. If I am dressing up for something, I am automatically in a dress. Some kind of dress - maxi, wrap dress, any kind. The audience doesn’t matter in dressing either.

Layering is my fashion tricks. It may be odd, but air conditioning is too much for me. I am cold all the time, so I always have on layers. That is definitely a trick. A hidden secret that I have is layers to keep an outfit looking chic and staying warm, even if that means having three t-shirts underneath a trendy suit.

On power suits

As far as suits go, I love Rachel Zoe’s suits. I really like the full-flare pants. Her suits have an added feature. They are different for sure. I don’t necessarily pick a suit usually, but I choose other pieces to combine a work suit. I don’t have a specific place to go to, but more of “I am going to make this look like business attire”. If I like a piece of clothing, I make it office appropriate.

On the woman she looks up to

My mom is the woman I look up to and will continue to support throughout my life. She is my best friend, idol and mentor. Same year, every year. She’s just a boss lady. She does her own thing. She has supported me through everything and anything. I could do any job, and she’d be there guiding me.


On bad career advice

“Don’t dream so big,” is what someone told me. Basically, to find something attainable and to think smaller was the feedback I got from an advisor. For me, I’d rather go after something scared than to not do it at all. I try everything at least once.


On where to find her

Instagram: @lifeinbeverlyheels


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