In Her Suit: Marika Frumes

In Her Suit: Marika Frumes

    Marika Frumes is a triple threat! She works as the Hotelier at the Standard, helped to create the app, One Night AND co-founded Her USA. What can’t she do?!

On her career path

I wear 3 different hats in hospitality, tech & community building. Primarily, I spend most of my time on the road growing the inventory on the One:Night App. I think I saw over 200 hotels last year alone. I fell into hospitality on a fluke after I realized that my loan payments would prevent a year of post collegiate travel, I found a “temporary” gig until I could pay off my loans & hit the road. I got a job with The Ritz-Carlton, fell in love with the hospitality industry, and realized that travel could become my job. After 4 years working at the luxurious Ritz-Carlton,  I transitioned to The Standard which was culturally more in line with my values & an amazing place to learn how to think outside the box. 

Helping create One:Night helped me realize my superpower of being a connector & having lots of strong relationships in various industries.  

In 2016, I met my partner and we started HER USA. This is the passion project of my life & how I feel that I am contributing in creating positive change in the world. HER is all about being authentic, real & connecting through vulnerability. It’s amazing to see what happens when women start supporting one another, especially in the professional setting.

On her claim to fame

My claim to fame is being a super connector. The single most inspiring career moment was building a start up from the ground up. Nothing is as rewarding as building something, seeing it thrive & help others fulfill a need. 


On her 9 to 5 style

Comfort is essential since I am always on the go. I want to feel put together while being able to move. I’ll often incorporate contrasts like baggy pants with a fitted leather jacket. I like to play with accessories, funky scarfs or items from my travels.  When it comes to any outfit, I have learned to dress it up with added pieces or unique shoes.  I don’t really like a “one size fits all” approach to fashion, it is more fun to make things for myself & create my own style. 

I am pretty consistent with dressing when it comes to special occasions. I feel most powerful when I’m in a powerful fitted jacket, polished nails & a great bag. 

In the city, I generally prepare for the day once I leave in the morning. Swapping out a purse or adding heels is a great from transitioning from day meetings to events in the evening. When I am traveling, I never check a bag. I bring a few jackets & alternate with different blouses or low cut/edgy pieces. I always pack rings, accessories and hope to pick something up along my travels.

On the women that inspire her

The HER community as a whole really inspires me. Its hard to name just a few. We have over 800 women just in the NYC chapter and they are all stars. As a mentor, I’ve really been grateful for the guidance of Arianna Huffington. She’s one of the most generous women at the top of her game. 

On her fashion guidelines

Always be authentic. Invent your own style & do what makes you feel the most authentic version of yourself. Don’t copycat someone else’s style because it’s what you see while scrolling through Instagram. Find inspiration but make it your own. What is unique to you is special and it is how you can express yourself through clothing. Most importantly, remember it is your attitude behind the clothes. Confidence is key.


On bad career advice

“Don’t create a fuss. Don’t go against the grain.” I did not follow this advice at all. I constantly question the status quo - even with my superiors. I have been challenged by their decisions. I was never the so called “well-behaved girl” in the industry. I don’t see anything wrong with asking and challenging the status quo. I find it necessary.

On where to find her

Instagram: @jetsetbackpacker

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