How to Care for your Suit

Bottom of the sleeve of a womens suit - Koviem

You’ve invested in a quality suit. Here is how to make it last for years! Maintenance of your suit will extend its life significantly and preserve the quality.



While it is important to keep your custom piece fresh, dry cleaning it too much can wear away the natural fibers and slowly degrade the material. To prevent this, we advise avoiding sleeveless blouses as sleeves under your jacket act as a barrier to protect the wool.

Of course, if your suit is dirty or begins to smell, dry clean it. NEVER wash your suit by yourself. Just like the construction of the piece, cleaning should be left to the professionals.



Each Koviem suit is made with using top quality, year-round Italian wool. Unlike polyester, cotton or linen, wool suits hardly wrinkle if kept properly.

In the event that your piece does get wrinkled, NEVER iron it yourself. The excess heat from an iron will add an unnatural shine to the fabric and weaken the fibers. We advise steaming your suit on a low setting. If you don’t have a steamer, hang the suit in the bathroom while taking a shower. The steam combined with the hanging weight of the piece will smooth out most wrinkles.



Make sure to hang your custom pieces on sturdy wood hangers. To help your suit keep it’s unique form, try using a hanger with round edges that fill out the shoulders and bolster the shoulder pads.

When storing your suit for longer than a month, have it dry-cleaned beforehand to avoid odors being trapped in the fibers.


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