In Her Suit: Lisa Aidoo

In Her Suit: Lisa Aidoo

Lisa is the founder of Laidoo, a online retailer of premium mink lashes. She also holds the title of Miss Ghana USA 2013 and is a beauty icon in the US and Africa. Koviem had the honor of interviewing her and getting more of the story on how she got to where she is today.

On her career path

I came to find the path I am currently on now by constantly coming back to the same idea and resonating what I wanted to do. If I can’t stop thinking about, I have to do it. Time passed and I was still thinking about this same idea. With a lot of things in business and my personal life, I use this method as well. I initially started my business for myself, but then it grew into showing women how to feel their absolute best and chase after their dreams. How I empower women is by promoting my favorite beauty products. This in turn helps women with confidence, especially women of color. It is my way of giving back.


On her business milestones

In starting my business, I have reached moments that have defined my career. I am mostly known for promoting dark-skin beauty through Instagram. This was my single, most important career moment – empowering women to love their skin color!


On career advice

Throughout my career, I have received a lot of advice. One piece of advice I thought was actually bad at first turned out to be great advice. I was so stressed and someone told me, “Take a month off. Don’t do anything.” I was thinking to myself that this is probably the worst advice I have ever received, but I tried it. During this month, I used this time to refocus. I learned that a refreshed mind is what I needed to really focus and create a new sense of how I wanted to approach my business.


On how her style fits in to her work-life

As a working woman, my style is an important factor for me. I would call my style “sophisticated simplicity with elements of edge”. My choices for the week are dependent on the meetings I have to attend. I have to be dressed for whatever may pop up in my week.

When prepping for big moments, important meetings or business meals, I prefer to maintain my style throughout. I stay true to myself. Even if it the meeting is majority male, I stick to who I am in my style. It is important for me to highlight what makes me different. My advice to everyone is to find what makes you different and run with it. Magic is being different. The style I like to stick to is professional with a chic blazer that is normally fitted with something that pops - like colorful earrings.


On lessons she has learned

I have learned style guidelines throughout my experience. An important style guideline I have learned from working in my field is this: Take the time out of your busy schedule to steam, lint roll or iron to make your outfit look perfect. From my experience, a look can go from regular to extravagant just by paying attention to the small details.

Other lessons I learned from working in the industry is to buy for the size you are now, be confident in something you can wear tomorrow and not hold on to something you hope to wear after losing a few pounds. When a particular style is no longer on-trend or the item is something you longer wear, donate or sell it online. It is important to buy things for multiple uses, minimize and simplify your life.


On what she wears when she’s not working

I balance my wardrobe between work and after-work outfits by usually bringing heels with me to the office for any events that may happen afterwards. Having flats for work and then changing into heels can bring your “office outfit” to a great look for any event. I also transition for events by choosing layers. For example, I may put a blazer on over a dress for work then remove it for the event. Layers set different tones, depending on where you are going.

Another great way to do this is by changing your earrings from diamond studs to bright, bold earrings. This is an easy way to elevate your look. Lipstick is another key! I start with lip gloss for meetings and then pack a bold lip for the evening.


On her “power piece”

When it comes to having a powerful piece in my collection for work, I always turn to my blazer from BCBGMaxazria. It is not a power suit, but it is my power blazer. I wear it every time I have a big meeting coming up or something important that I want to feel powerful for. I still see myself wearing this blazer at 45 years old. When I put on this blazer, I feel motivated, passionate and strong. It makes me become a version of myself that I deem as empowering. Every girl should have jacket like this to count on and bring out their inner girlboss.


On the women that inspire her

I have become inspired by two important women in the past year. One is Sophia Amoruso, she is the woman behind Girlboss. Sophia inspired me due to having a major low in filing for bankruptcy to starting a whole new business and growing within a few years. Take a moment to look at #girlboss and you can see her influence is making history. One of my favorite things she’s done is recruiting people from all over the media spectrum to work in her brand and leading a team with great minds in the industry.

Another inspiration of mine is Hannah Bronfman. Hannah has inspired me with how she combines her work with her passion. She founded of HBFIT while also being a DJ. I am inspired by how many hacks she uses in her career. She has taught me that you can stand for different things in your career. Your brand is you! Be who you are and pursue what interests you.


On Koviem

In my career, I see Koviem as a brand that addresses the needs of women. The vision of Koviem allows these needs to be met with the power suits. It is the demands of entrepreneurship and running things on your own, that the company highlights. Koviem makes clothing that benefits the woman. The way I feel when I put on my BCBGMaxazria blazer would be the same if I were to put on a Koviem suit. The mission statement of this brand holds true to the desire of every woman. 


On how she is changing the world

In mainstream media, being on the opposite end of the skin color spectrum is rare. For me, sharing moments of confidence in my own skin color has become important. It is a celebratory thing in how I share with my followers the beauty products to enhance their color. When I traveled to Ghana, many of the women there had dark skin. In America, I don’t see it as much. There is a stigma even I have faced going through my own life. I went through having low self-esteem and being bullied at a young age. I came out stronger from those experiences. In my business, I want to continue to make others feel beautiful and to embrace their color. This is my mission statement.


On where to find her

Instagram: @lisaaidoo



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