Behind the Suit: All about Blazer Lapels

Behind the Suit: All about Blazer Lapels

Welcome to our new series, Behind the Suit (BTS). Here we'll discuss our most asked questions along with some fun facts about women's made-to-measure custom suiting. Today's post is about our suit lapels. 

The suit lapel plays a very important role in defining the visual aesthetic of your suit. 

The lapel is an often-overlooked component of men’s suits that can play an important role in determining the personality and formality of a jacket. Everything about it its style, width, and aesthetic minutiae is important to consider.

The lapels of a suit jacket (or a blazer) are really a unique feature: you can choose from different types of lapel that, depending on your choice, will enhance the style and a character of each garment suiting to the right occasion.

Below is and overview of some of the lapels featured on Koviem suits and their differences. 


The Notch Lapel

The notch the lapel is the most common and traditional of the lapel styles we'll review today. Other names for the notch lapel are "step lapel" or "step collar". The notch defines this lapel with the right-angled shape pointing sideways and away from the chest. This lapel is versatile and the standard for most business suits. 

Koviem Womens Custom Made to Measure Suit with Notch Lapel


The Peak Lapel

The peak lapel is the second most popular lapel style and is traditionally featured on double breasted jackets and formal wear. This lapel is also referred to as a "pointed lapel".  The peak lapel is characterized by tips that are pointed towards the top, emphasizing the width of the shoulders and chest. This is a great choice to add balance for a woman with wider hips. 

Koviem custom made to measure suit with peak lapel


The Shawl Lapel

The shawl lapel is iconic as it is mostly used for tuxedos. This lapel (sometimes called a "roll lapel" features no notches and is a creates an illusion of length as the collar and lapel are both one piece. The shawl lapel is a perfect choice for the woman looking for a jacket to elongate the torso. 

Koviem custom made to measure suit with shawl lapel


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