Behind the Suit: The Millennial Suit

Behind the Suit: The Millennial Suit

Welcome to our new series, Behind the Suit (BTS). Here we'll discuss our most asked questions along with some fun facts from the world of women's made-to-measure custom suiting. Today's post is about our most popular suit, The Millennial Suit. If you've ever wondered how it got its name, read the excerpt below from an interview with Koviem founder, Kevwe Mowarin. 

I hate to be partial within my own brand, but this suit was the most fun for me to develop. Even before I started working in finance, I always loved the idea of a suit. My greatest frustration was that a lot of the styles and colors only gave that "Wall Street" vibe that I found a bit restrictive. 

My inspiration for the Millennial suit came from my desire to create a line that could be as colorful and vibrant as the people wearing it. I set out to create something that was equally fun and polished. My goal was that the wearers embody the timeless, yet modern, aesthetic that gives a tailored suit its charm - the charm that makes everyone one talk even after you've left the room. 

This specific suit is for the woman that wants to make a statement. It's for the woman that wants to be noticed. It's for the ones that aim to be iconic. The Millennial Suit is not the one that you wear everyday. It is reserved for the days that you set out to make your mark on the world. Take caution: whatever you do in a Millennial Suit will always be remembered.

If you're ready to become unforgettable, you've found the look!


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