In Her Suit: Elizabeth

In Her Suit: Elizabeth

Position: Merchandising
Industry: Fashion
Location: San Antonio, TX
Age: 24 

Rise and shine! 
A more natural look is my typical go to so I predominantly use bareMinerals. Once
dressed and prepped, I have a nice walk with my beagle, Noah, as the sun rises over the
beautiful Texas hills.

Describe your typical workwear attire
I prefer quality pieces that will last me as well as flatter and exude my femininity. Attire is
a way of visually showing the world who am I so my key is to include details that show
my personality. When I’m feeling confident in what I am wearing, that confidence
spreads into other areas of my life. I think Oscar Wilde said it best, “You can never be
overdressed or over-educated”.

What is the first thing you do when you hit the desk?
When I sit down at my desk, I typically get there a little early to make coffee (in the big
mug) and read the news. I subscribe to fashion related coverage for my job but read
world news daily as well. I think it’s extremely important to be aware of the world around

What time do you go to lunch? What do you usually get/bring?
I prefer going earlier at about 11-11:30 if I can. This way I can get in my zone when I
come back for the rest of the day. This year I’ve gotten really into meal planning. A
favorite of mine is salmon and baked broccoli. This allows me to get the healthy meals I
need and saves valuable time. A helpful trick to staying on track is having a good
accountability partner!

When do you usually leave work?
Not waiting for the clock to hit 5, but also not late! I’ve learned to manage time well.

All work and no play?
I like working out whether it be a cycling class, a hike, or playing in our adult kickball
league. My goal is to give myself a good balance between staying in and going out and

The sky is the limit! If you could do one thing other than your current job, what would it be?
A National Geographic photographer because not only would I get to experience so many
different parts of the world, but I’d also be able to unveil its beauty to others!

Pillow talk! What is your nighttime routine?
It’s important to me to take time unwinding. There is a wonderful solace in a nice warm shower,
candles, and pajamas.

Any side-hustles? Weekend indulges?
As for a side hustle that scores me some extra cash-I’ve become really into reselling/donating
so that I can declutter my life and leave room for a fresh and organized perspective. As for a
side hustle that involves a hobby, my latest would be a travel blog. I follow a bucket list of places and celebrations I set for myself to see. My next blog post will cover my recent trip to Thailand for their Songkran festival. Amongst smaller trips, the next big trips are to see the Marfa Prada storefront, fashion week in New York, and Glastonbury Festival next year in England. I do have a few more ideas for a side hustle. It’ll be coming soon so stay tuned!

As for weekend indulges, my boyfriend and I have a foodie to do list for trying new and unique
places then rating them. I’m a fanatic for nature, cultural festivals, and live music as well so
you’ll typically find me at one or the other.

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