In Her Suit: Diandra

In Her Suit: Diandra

Position: Ready to Wear Buying
Industry: Fashion
Location: Manhattan, New York
Age: 25

Rise and shine! 
My morning routine is waking up to my giant bird of paradise at the foot of my bed followed by some cool water cleansing with my new favorite, Good & Clean Cream Cleanser. 

Describe your typical workwear attire:
Since becoming a more conscious consumer, my closet has become more curated than ever. As a result, my workwear usually consists of neutral colors with my favorite gold accents.

What is the first thing you do when you hit the desk?
I usually get to my desk at least 10 minutes before the rest of my team. It gives me a chance to really digest what’s on my plate that day and have a plan before anyone even looks at their email. Once my game plan is set, I grab my reusable coffee cup and head to the coffee shop downstairs for a matcha latte.

What time do you go to lunch? What do you usually get/bring?
I’ve been quite the champ at veganism lately and packing my own lunch certainly makes things easier, but if I know it’s going to be a beautiful day, I plan ahead to take a short stroll outside for a smoothie or baked treat (can’t resist a good almond croissant). 

When do you usually leave work?
Just like I prefer to have a few minutes to myself before people arrive, I also like to have that same few minutes at the end of the day after everyone leaves to take a closer look at my weekly to do’s. Luckily, my team is great about leaving work on time so I normally don’t stay past 5:45 PM.

All work and no play? [what do you do after you’re done with work for the day?]
If I don’t have a class pass to go to, I am usually reading, walking my dog, or on an amazing date night at some farm to table restaurant that my boyfriend has been obsessing over for weeks (he indoor farms).

The sky is the limit! If you could do one thing other than your current job, what would it be?
I’ve been really lucky to love the developmental challenges that come with understanding consumers and how to drive a business that meets their needs. My hope is that one day I can take what I am learning now and apply it to a brand that really values helping consumers grow into a more conscious lifestyle.

Pillow talk! What is your nighttime routine?
My nighttime routine is a little more extensive than my morning, but it is completely my time to reflect and a really important part of my day. Once I’ve read a sufficient amount of Fashionista articles or enough pages in my current book, I head to the bathroom to show my skin some love. I remove my make-up with Kopari’s Coconut Melt oil, massage my skin with my same morning cleanser, and finish the facial massage with my Drunk Elephant Retro Whipped Cream moisturizer.

Any side-hustles? 
Since my understanding of the fashion industry has grown, it has become increasingly important to me that the way in which we proceed creating is done so in a way that is mindful, ethical, and beneficial for everyone involved. There are so many complex opportunities to better the way we create and because I want people who feel the same to have strong voices that will lead change, I often host discussions around real issues our industry touches. My hope is that these gatherings will serve as an exploratory tool for people to discover amazing brands, people, and ways to articulate their own perspectives. 

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