Getting a perfect fitting suit on the first try is our goal, but for some people this may require alterations. With Koviem, your first round of alterations are completely complimentary, though getting them done right will require a little effort on your part. The following are our best practices to make the most out of your alteration and ensure a perfect fit on the second try.

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Consider all aspects of the fit

Even if one part of the fit is obviously wrong, before you send your suit back for alterations, try to evaluate the rest of the fit. 

Simulate the how you will likely wear the suit

If you plan to wear the suit with heels, make sure to try it on that way. If you plan to wear the jacket with a thick shirt make sure to have one on when evaluating fit. By simulating the way you will mostly wear the suit, you will get a better idea of whether or not you love the fit.

Ask for help from our stylist

Sometimes, it takes an experienced eye. Feel free to send us photos of your suit at contact@koviem.com. We are always happy to assist you with all your fit needs.

Mail your original suit back with our free return shipping

After you’ve assessed what changes to make to your suit, request a free return shipping label to send your suit back to our New York office. As a sustainable company, we love recycling! Feel free to reuse the original box your suit came in. Just remember to remove or cover any of the original postage information.